Learn how to use SpecFuse to capture ideas, develop software specifications, and manage your project as you bring your software to life.

Product strategy

A product strategy covers the goals, intended customers, challenges addressed, users types, advantages, and other critical aspects of your application's purpose. Having a strategy ensures that you and your team are clear on the purpose and direction of your development. It also forms an excellent starting point to brief managers, investors, and potential customers on what you are building.

Creating a product strategy

You can capture your product strategy when first defining a project, or at any time when editing a project.

  • Select Create Project from the Action Button or Edit Project from a project's home page to open up the project and product strategy form.

Viewing a product strategy

Your current strategy can be viewed by clicking on Strategy from the menu.

New team members can use this view to learn what your product is all about. It can also form the basis of communications to managers, investors, potential customers, and marketers to convey what your product offers and what problems it will solve.