Internal knowledge bases for big teams

Empower your team to deliver the correct information to your customers quickly with Uplook.

Faster transactions. Higher customer satisfaction.

And with a simple flat rate per knowledge base, it is perfect for big teams.

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SpecFuse Software Specifications
Bring all your information together into a single cloud-based repository for easy access.
Easily find the information you need with an intuitive user interface and machine-learning enabled search.
Reduce your expenses by moving off platforms with expensive user-based licensing.

Simple, fast knowledge management.

Delight Your Customers
Delight your customers and increase repeat business with correct, consistent information every time powered by a fast and great looking central knowledge repository.
Save Money
With a pricing structure based on knowledge bases instead of users, you can provide access to whole your team for a single flat rate, instead of unscalable per-user pricing.
Reduce Transaction Time
With a clean and organized category and sub-category system, your team can quickly find answers they need and reduce their handling time.
Machine Learning
Through machine learning-enabled search, your handling time can reduce further over time as searching gets faster and more intuitive.
Grow Your Business
By empowering your teams with a fast knowledge base with a clean, modern UI, you can demonstrate your capability as a customer service team to external clients and win additional business.
Stay Focused
With a cloud-based monthly subscription format, you can avoid substantial capital outlay building and maintaining your own internal solution.
Easy Content Creation
With an easy to use editor and great formatting options, you can reduce the time taken to create clearly organized articles.
Stay On Top
Through a faster and easy to use knowledge base system, your team can look up the correct information quickly instead of relying on memory, ensuring the most up to date information is being distributed.
Always Available
By positioning your knowledge base in a central cloud-based repository with high-availability, you can be sure your knowledge base is always available, and always fast.

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