About Us

Building web applications for business since 2013.

Web Application Specialists

Hello. We are 4thPortal. We're based on the Gold Coast in Australia, where we have been operating since 2013.
We love creating web applications to help with business operations and performance improvement.
Our team members have worked for IBM, QSuper, and HP, and consulted for Flight Centre, Origin, and Bupa. Together, we've worked in many countries, including the US, New Zealand, Costa Rica, and extensively in Australia and the Philippines.
We also provide custom web application development and consulting services to power-up your business.
4thPortal Enterprise Solutions
Daniel Baylis | 4thPortal | Australia

Daniel Baylis

Managing Director

Daniel spent 10+ years as a Business Analyst before becoming a Developer, allowing him to bring a solid understanding of business challenges to the team.

He takes the lead on application development and loves building software to improve business processes and make life easier for people.

Jasmine Baylis | 4thPortal | Australia

Jasmine Baylis

Operations Manager

Jasmine brings her background as an Industrial Engineer and Business Analyst to the team, along with a passion for building modern web applications that are easy for new users to understand and use.

She is heavily involved in our strategic discussions about new products, and product features, and which business problems we'll solve with each new project.

How We Work

We're not just here to write code. We are here to help businesses excel.
Our products and the custom web applications we build provide solutions to business challenges. We spend a lot of time talking to clients and the industry and understanding the problems we set out to solve.
People Focused
We create applications that people really want to use. They are user-friendly, intuitive, and help people to perform their job better.
Continuous Iteration
We believe that the opportunities to improve software are never-ending. As businesses evolve and grow, their needs will change, and new ideas will emerge. We are drawn to the Software as a Service (SaaS) model for this reason, allowing us to develop and deploy updates rapidly.
Business Benefits
We are passionate about ensuring our products deliver real, measurable business benefits. Through built-in reporting views and ad-hoc analysis, we work with clients to understand the business impact of our applications and look for opportunities to improve further.

Our History

Founded in 2013. We operated as "UltimateCSR" the name of our contact center management software.
From 2013-2018, we grew UltimateCSR to support over 75,000 users in over 100 locations worldwide. We supported call centers for some of the world's leading brands.
In 2018, Concentrix acquired UltimateCSR. We created SpecFuse, a product and project management application.
In 2019, we rebranded to 4thPortal and now provide multiple products and services.
In 2020, we released SwiftDesk - A customer support application.
In 2021, we released CSRScape - A contact center performance system.