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SpecFuse is central hub where software projects can be defined and your team can collaborate to develop product strategies, write specifications for features, and manage projects as you bring your applications to life.
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SpecFuse Software Specifications
Develop product strategies to stay clear on what you are building and the problems it will solve.
Accelerate development and reduce re-work with clear specifications for each feature.
Plan releases, allocate work, collaborate and monitor progress as each specification is developed.
"I've been using SpecFuse for a while now, and I must say it is a really well put together tool that makes my day to day planning needs very easy! I love the ideas functionality where I can really easily and quickly add in any ideas into my project for later action."
Arve Solland
Software Developer

Bring your idea to life faster

Build What They Love
Using the product strategy builder, you can get clear on who your product is for and what problem it solves, ensuring that you build something people really want to use.
Prioritize The Best Features
By capturing how each feature helps the application and your business through business cases, you can stay focused on building the most critical features first.
Meet Your Requests
By documenting explicit requirements for a feature in a specification, you can ensure you build what your users and clients have asked for.
Plan Faster
Having your product strategy, ideas for new features, specifications, release planning, and progress reporting all in one application allows for faster project planning.
Develop Faster
Capturing precise specifications with itemized requirements enables your developers to progress faster, and reduce re-work, reducing your development costs.
Stay Focused
By using business cases to classify features, less critical or irrelevant features become apparent, and you can avoid wasting time on them.
By sharing ideas and drafts across an online platform, your team can develop specifications with requirements much faster.
Faster Reporting
Through the live-updating dashboards, you can easily communicate project progress across your business without needing to assemble progress reports manually.
Reduce Your Costs
Through the small teams plan and low cost per user, you can save money compared to most other products in this category.
Know Your Journey
By developing a product strategy upfront, you can be clear on who your product will serve and what problems it will solve before you start developing. A clear strategy reduces the risk you are creating something that is not needed.
Keep All Critical Information
Through the change tracking system, you can view all changes made to specifications and never lose information from earlier iterations.
Keep Requirements Clear
By documenting specifications for each feature before development, you can ensure there is a clear understanding between you and an external development agency before coding.

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Develop faster with clear specifications

Capture detailed specifications with clear requirements on what software needs to do.

SpecFuse helps you get beyond plain text in an "issue", and into clearly defined requirements statements ready for action.

  • Capture detailed requirements
  • Collaborate and discuss
  • Track changes
  • User assignment and workflow stages


Prioritize features and organize releases

Plan the journey with release-based roadmap views for your project.

Quickly review all open specs, and move them between releases or update their priority order with simple drag-and-drop interaction.

  • All open specs in one place
  • Plan releases and priorities
  • Types, assignment and progress indicators
  • Fast drag-and-drop interaction


Be clear on the problems you are solving

Get clear on what you are building, why and for who, and capture it as a reference and guide for your team as your project progresses.

  • Define your customer
  • Get clear on the problems to be solved
  • Capture your points of difference
  • Define user roles with avatars


Get your feature ideas safely captured

Capture ideas for potential features and updates without committing them to your project planning and backlog.

Safely store the ideas on your project for future consideration and later development into specs.

  • Safely capture ideas
  • Separate ideas from formal specs
  • Convert ideas to specs
  • Rapid data entry


Understand your progress and workload

Monitor your project status and get useful insights at a glance with live-updating dashboards.

Keep a close eye on your progress and easily communicate your project status to your stakeholders.

  • Monitor progress in each release
  • Understand development focus areas
  • Compare opened and closed spec volume
  • Extract key insights on development


Connect up your favorite support tools

SpecFuse integrates with other common software development and project management tools to unlock new approaches and possibilities in your development workflow.

Integrate your GitHub issue tracker or Jira project directly with SpecFuse and synchronize your issues and specs.

Take advantage of SpecFuse's full power to create product strategies, release plans, business cases, and specifications with itemized requirements, and publish formatted and complete specifications out to GitHub or Jira.

Integrate with Bugsnag to have specs automatically created in your project when Bugsnag captures new issues.

  • Import existing issues from GitHub or Jira
  • Maintain real-time automatic synchronization
  • Power-up your remote issue trackers with SpecFuse tools
  • Publish formatted specs as issues
  • Automatically create specs from Bugsnag error reports
GitHub Integration Jira Integration Bugsnag Integration

Dark Mode

Work in a theme that suits your environment

Get inspired and use SpecFuse with the striking dark mode.

Dark mode is perfect for working alongside your code editor, or keeping your desktop look and feel the same when running a dark OS, such as MacOS dark mode.

  • Choose from a light or dark theme
  • Get inspired with the striking dark mode
SpecFuse Dark Mode
  • Projects
  • Strategy
  • Ideas
  • Specifications
  • Planning
  • Monitoring
  • Integrations
  • System
  • Support


Create unlimited projects in SpecFuse.

Work By Project

All your work is organized by project so you can easily work on multiple projects without mixing your ideas and specs.

Project Teams

Easily add other users to your project and collaborate. Choose their access level to determine their control over the project.


Get clear on what you are building, why and who for.

Customer Definitions

Define the target customer for your application and the progress they are trying to make that your application will help them achieve.

Problem Definitions

Capture the details of specific problems your application intends to solve for your target customer.


Document your pitch and the advantages of your application to keep the project team clear on where your application will excel.

User Roles

Define the types of users that will use your application and bring them to life with avatars. Keep them in your strategy to keep everyone clear on who your application will serve.

Strategy View

View your documented strategy in a single page to help your team and other stakeholders quickly get onboarded to your project and get things moving in the right direction.


Capture all your ideas even in their earliest form.

Capture Ideas

Safely document ideas for your application and ensure that they will never be forgotten or lost.

Separate Ideas From Specs

Capture your ideas separately from your project planning, and upgrade them to specifications only if you decide to proceed.

Rapid Data Entry

Brainstorm lots of ideas quickly with the minimal idea capture form designed for rapid-fire entry.

Upgrade To Specs

Upgrade ideas to specifications when you are ready and expand them to include the detailed requirements for development.


Plan out your features with detailed requirements.

Activity History

Record all the changes to a specification to ensure earlier versions or revisions are never lost.

Requirements Statements

Create clear requirements in your specification with independent requirements statements. Check them off to show progress as they are developed.

Automatic Suggestions

Keyword analysis automatically suggests potential requirements found in your specification background field. Extract them to a requirement statement with a single click.


Enhance your specifications using pictures, screenshots, and other attachments with unlimited storage.


Discuss specifications directly in SpecFuse and capture the conversation as a permanent reference.

Business Cases

Document the drivers for a feature to form simple business cases to ensure you are prioritizing the right features.

User Assignment

Work on your project with other users and keep clear on who is working on which specification with user assignment.


Progress specifications through a simple workflow to keep everyone clear on the progress from pending to complete.

Fast Searching

Easily find specifications with fast searching and filterable list views.

Custom Tags

Create color-coded tags to highlight key attributes and associate specifications across your project.

Code Syntax Highlighting

Add code to your specifications to show details of bugs or potential solutions. Support for most major languages.


Prioritize your features and plan your releases.


Define releases on your project with support for names, version numbers, and release goals. Releases can simply be considered as milestones if you prefer continuous deployment.


See all your pending specifications at a glance with the roadmap view. Quickly update your plan by dragging and dropping specifications to change their release or priority.

Type Indicators

Classify your specifications as features, bugs, or internal improvements and see their matching indicators throughout the application for easy identification.

Simple Priority Order

Work from start to finish with a simple priority order approach that ensures the next most important specification is always identified at the top of your list.


Track your and easily report on your project progress.


View your project at a glance with a single dashboard packed with information on your status and progress.

Release Progress

Quickly see your progress in each release with animated progress bars updated in real-time.

Bugs Outstanding

Stay on top of bugs with clear highlighting of open bug fix specifications in your project.

Focus Areas

See the mix of specification types at a macro level across your project and get perspective on where your project is focused.


View charts on the open and close rate of specifications and measure your productivity as you move forward.

Live Updating

Leave your dashboard open and see it update and animate as live data is automatically pushed to the page as your project is updated.


Connect other applications to expand your toolset.

GitHub Integration

Import existing issues from GitHub and publish formatted specifications as issues with automatic two-way synchronization.

Jira Integration

Import existing issues from Jira and publish formatted specifications as issues with automatic two-way synchronization.


Automatically create new specs in SpecFuse when new issues are detected in BugSnag. Optionally push them directly to first priority on your current release.


SpecFuse is a modern web application - new in 2019.


Receive instant notifications directly in the browser when specifications you are watching are updated, new specifications have been assigned to you, or other key events have occurred.

Email Notifications

Optionally receive email notifications to let you know when keys events have occurred even when you are not logged in.

Dark Mode

Get inspired with the striking dark mode option. Perfect for those late night sessions open next to your code editor.

User Invitations

Invite additional users just by adding their email address. No central user administration work to do.

Earn XP

Have fun with the user XP system and compete with your team. Earn XP as you complete more tasks in SpecFuse.

Earn Achievements

Unlock achievements as you pass milestones in using the application and display them on your profile page for all to see.

Markdown Support

Write specifications, comments, and even chat messages using markdown to add formatting easily.

Emoji Support

Use standard emoji in your comments and chat messages to enhance your message.


We are here to help your project be a success.

Help Guide

Complete help guide with additional information on how to get started, and how to get the most out of SpecFuse.

Email Support

Reach out to our team of developers and business analysts any time you need help.

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