New blog for SwiftDesk

SwiftDesk now has an official blog for updates, tips and best practices. It has been built on the new SwiftDesk blogging platform coming soon.
Daniel Baylis
27 Dec 2019

We've created a dedicated blog for updates and best practices for our SwiftDesk customer service software. The SwiftDesk Blog will contain detailed feature updates, tips for using the application, and broader customer service best practices.

If you are interested in customer service and want to keep up to date with how we are building SwiftDesk to support it, we'd love for you to check out the new blog.

Our Blog Platform

The SwiftDesk blog and 4thPortal blog are both running on our new SwiftDesk blog system. This upcoming feature makes it easy to create blogs to help promote your brand and share information about your business. 

The blog article editor provides the same excellent content creation options as the knowledge base system while adding additional tools like keyword planning and real-time SEO analysis. 

Promoting your business with blog articles to share your thoughts, feature updates, and helpful best practices is a powerful and well-proven content marketing strategy. We felt it was a natural fit to bring this to SwiftDesk itself, adding another powerful feature to help our customers share their products and services with the world.

We plan to release the feature early in 2020, but we have it in use for our blogs now while we optimize and enhance it. 

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