Uplook is now SwiftDesk

As we expanded from just knowledge bases to complete help desk & customer support software, the Uplook name was no longer the right fit. Introducing SwiftDesk.
Daniel Baylis
15 Feb 2020

This week we completed the rename and rebranding of Uplook to SwiftDesk.

We loved the positive implication of the "Uplook" name, as well as the play on words given it was initially exclusively a knowledge base application where you could 'lookup' information. However, as we've grown the application to a broader help desk and customer support platform, we felt the name was no longer the right fit.

"SwiftDesk" captures our goal to create an application for help desks and customer support teams to be productive and deliver fast high-quality customer support.

While it is a very competitive space, we think our ground-up design for multi-brand support, simplified user interface, and disruptive price point will help us stand out.

If are you not familiar with SwiftDesk, it is a customer support platform that helps customer service teams to manage customer emails, live chat with customers on their website, and create knowledge bases for self-service.

We have a new Twitter account, LinkedIn Showcase page, Facebook page, and Youtube channel now set up for the new brand. We'd love to have you follow us if you are interested!

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