We are 4thPortal

Baylis IO has rebranded to 4thPortal. Now we are not just building SpecFuse, but multiple applications for business improvement.

4 Jul 2019
Daniel Baylis

Recently we've decided to expand our scope to deliver multiple SaaS products, as well as build custom web applications for clients. 

We've called this new brand 4thPortal.

We are still the same team from UltimateCSR and Baylis IO. Jasmine and I make up the core team, and we are continuing to build SpecFuse. 

Spending some time working on different projects has opened up some new ideas and features that will be great to apply across all our projects, so we have exciting features coming to SpecFuse soon as well as announcements of our other products.

If you are on Twitter, you can find us at @4thportal

On LinkedIn, we are at 4thPortal.

Same team. Just more great web applications to improve business performance.

We are 4thPortal.

4thPortal builds web applications to improve business performance.

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