We're making Uplook for knowledge management

We're making a new product for public and internal knowledge bases. We've called it Uplook.
Daniel Baylis
27 Sep 2019

Earlier this year, we started to create a new knowledge base product. Although there are many options in this field, we wanted to create something that could offer both public and internal knowledge bases - at an affordable price.

Today, I am excited to announce we've called that product Uplook. The new Uplook website is up to let you know more about it.

Uplook empowers your team and your customers to get the information they need with internal and public knowledge bases backed with powerful, machine-learning capability.

There are two primary use cases we wanted to address with Uplook:

  • Public knowledge bases so customers can self-serve; and
  • Internal knowledge bases so private content can be restricted to internal employees.

Public Knowledge Bases

Public knowledge bases allow you to share your content with the world, using your own branded URL. Your customers can easily search your knowledge base and access your articles. This enables them to find the information they need about your products, services, and processes while deflecting inquiries from your contact center. 

With built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Uplook will make your content easily discoverable on Google. Uplook also makes your content extremely fast to deliver no matter where your customers are, using our global Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Internal Knowledge Bases

Internal knowledge bases allow you to restrict your content to only your authorized users. These private knowledge bases are perfect for storing sensitive procedures and information for your internal reference only. 

Machine Learning

Uplook has built-in machine-learning so that it can progressively improve in returning the best search results. This learning process is unique to each knowledge base, ensuring that the algorithms are exactly tailored to your team and customers. The more searches you perform, the smarter Uplook will get.

Early Access

We are inviting some teams to try out Uplook free of charge while we build out the rest of its features. The early access version will have the same high-reliability and high-quality standard we apply to all our products, but may not include all the final features.

If you would like to be the first to get access and use it for free, please register for early access to Uplook.

Thank you to everyone that has helped with input and ideas. We are excited to bring Uplook to life to help you improve your customer experience - and save some money too.

We'll be back with more updates soon.

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